Create the games you love with Famous Game Engine Unity 3D

Contrrolled Aniim provides Game Design training Course in Unity 3D. Unity 3D Covered Game development design, creation, implementation and dealing of game ideas.

Unity 3D Game Designing course in range from beginner to advanced levels. We can promise you, everything you learn will help your professional career in Gaming Industry.

Our course will guide you in a way that you would not only get useful experience but also to produce versatile quality output with ease. At Contrrolled Aniim trainers will give special attention to your specific needs regarding Game Designign in Unity 3D. Training courses will make you gain skill set by working on real time project with which you can govern Unity 3D.


This course is perfect for creative mind individuals who have a passion for game Designing and wish to materialize their imagination in to reality. This Unity 3D course covers a extensive range of game art and game design. And helps students to develop a portfolio of work showcasing the skill set required by the gaming industry to be successful as Game Designer, Game Developer, Environment, Terrain Designer,Level Designer,3D Modeller or a Concept artist, Asset Creator, Game Animator.

You can find both 2D and 3D design skills including game mechanics with respect to game play, story, character, including conceptual, visual and level design.

Game Awareness on Unity 3D

Unity’s democratizing network smashes the cost and time barriers to creating unique beautiful games. Unity3D supports the development on multiple platforms together with Windows, Macs, PCs, mobiles with different platforms like Microsoft's Windows Phone, Apple's iOS, Android,Consoles like Microsoft's X box one, X box 360, Sony's PlayStation 3 & 4 etc.

Introduction to Unity 3D

Exploring Unity 3D

Working with Terrain Editor

Environment Creation

Unity Scripting

In-Game Scripting

Working with Game Objects, Components, Assets and Prefabs

Importing Assets


Key framing Animation

Character Control

Working with Cameras & Layers

Creating Game GUI

Setting AI

Exporting The Game executable code