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The establishment of Game Programming with C# course is all about learning how to develop video games using the C# programming language. C# helps us quickly to develop games in platforms like Android, iOS, Mac OS and windows well. We can also utilize open-source Mono Game frameworks and Microsoft XNA in conjunction with C# and Unity 3D game engine which is very popular with indie game development , C# is beginner friendly for learning Game Programming.

You can able to work on the team projects by using multiple interfaces (APIs) using designing, programming and testing tools to develop multi platform games. You can able to create 3D graphic applications, programmable interfaces, applications that apply theories of usability, network architecture, information, and architecture industry standards of practice. Knowledge of game engines, game scripting, modelling and technical direction will put you ahead among the rest in this rapidly growing gaming industry. You will gain significant knowledge by work samples showcasing your talents and skill set that combines higher levels of game logic, and visualization within the field of computer programming.

Career in Game programming

Game development is a growing USD 40 billion-a-year industry in Canada, North America, and Western Europe, Ireland where nearly 300 software development firms employ hiring thousand of full time employees. You can start your career as junior game tester or game developer for game development companies where developing games for PC and mobile devices. Job opportunities include game software developer, game marketer, game software engineer, project manager and team leader for gaming software Development Company.

This course doesn't assume you have any previous programming experience.

Don't worry if you've had written a code before; we'll start at the very beginning and work our way up to building a small, complete game by the end of the course using 3-Tier system ( Easy, Medium, Hard) which depends on the difficulty of understanding. Throughout the course you'll learn core programming concepts that apply to lots of programming languages C#, C++ when you develop games. Rendering all the entities in the game world, updating the game world based on user input system for navigation through virtual world, detailed physics, playing background music and sound effects in your games using FMOD through programming will be accomplished.

Computer programming is really fun in general, and programming games is even better!