Unreal Engine
Game Programming in Unreal Engine
  • Introduction
  • Project Creation
  • Creating the Base Pickup
  • Creating a Battery in C++
  • Empowering the Character
  • Creating the Power-Up
  • Applying a Dynamic Material Instance to Character
  • Adding to the Character’s Tick Behavior with Blueprints
  • Communicating from C++ to Blueprints
  • Extending our Battery C++ Class with Blueprints
  • Setting up the Battery’s Construction Script
  • Overriding C++ Functions with Blueprints
  • Coding What, Where, and When to Spawn
  • Ticking the Spawn Volume
  • Setting the Rules in the Game Mode
  • Game Over & Class Interactions
  • Coding a Canvas HUD
  • Quick Changes to Variable
Cry Engine
Game Programming In Cry Engine
  • Compiling the CryMono project
  • Covers getting up to speed with a brief overview of the engine, detailing its strengths, the possibilities it provides, and a step-by-step guide to set up your environment
  • Visual Scripting with Flow graph
  • Creating and Utilizing Custom Entities
  • Game Rules
  • Creating Custom Actors
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The User Interface
  • Multiplayer and Networking
  • Physics Programming
  • Rendering Programming
  • Effects and Sound
  • Debugging and Profiling
Unity 3D
Game Programming In Unity 3D