The Growth and Future of the Gaming Industry in India and Abroad

In India and abroad, the prospects of gaming industry have been on a rise. With a lot of offbeat career choices getting popularity, a profession in gaming is also one of the most sought options in international platform.

Careers in the gaming industry

Anoccupation in gaming industry needs one to have a sound understanding in how the gaming technology runs and how people play games. Designing a game is a special streamwhich needs you to be an engineer who is well creative. It’s a multifaceted and long process that demands combined effort of proficient team members gifted with technical and creative abilities. One of the most complex parts of software development, it is suitable for the individuals who are endowed with flair in technology with a creative mind-set.

The various aspects of gaming career involve:

  • Outlining and sketching f the concept
  • Documenting principles and rules
  • Developing graphics, etc.

So, if you have the creativity and skill to design games, then you definitely have a good future in this sector.

Career scope

No doubt, it’s a highly competitive sector in the world where you got to have the fine balance of fun, creativity and technology. As designing is a key aspect of gaming, it demands qualified and artistic game designers, engineers, programmers, artists, writers, producers and other brilliant staffs. Each of them makes up an endowed team whose work profile differs according to the designation. All work in unison to create online and video games using techniques in animation and illustration, 2D and 3D design, graphic design, storytelling, interactive media, web design, digital production, etc. In brief, you should have understanding and familiarity in programming, framing, arts and software development. Hands-on experience over some exciting workloads is always appreciated in the reputed companies.

With knowledge in gaming, you can flourish in the following career scopes:

  • Video games that utilise dedicated consoles to run the game. It is about computerized and electronic games played on TV and other display devices
  • Console gaming that are played on game consoles like play station
  • Computer games which are delivered on disks and played on PC and are stored on DVDs or CDs
  • Multiplayer games that are played with co-gamers logged on to the game
  • Wireless games that is primarily dominated by games played on mobile phones
Future of Gaming industry

This career has allured spirited individuals, even though the potential is riddled with uncertainty. In western parts of the world, a career in this field does not sound frivolous, while in few Southeast Asian counties, it’s still not considered a stable career option.

The reputed and well-regarded Indian companies specialising in gaming fieldpay competitive and healthy base salaries to their team.Even though the packages are contingent on the profit, business and standard of the organization, yet you can earn a good living by being a part of this field. With the popularity of games rising day by day, the future in this sector for the young candidates is definitely good. More number of kids istaking a fancy to this sector. The present and future generation would want to get into this domain and make a promising career out of it. This is indeed a lucrative domain to be a part of.

With a myriad of games being developed all across the world, the industry is continuously changing. Numerous opportunities are available for you if you want to be a part of the exciting gaming field. To bag a prospective and well-paid job, you got to have working knowledge with proven experience.

Growth of gaming sector

There are certain strengths which would definitely augment the growth of this industry in global platform. These are also the positive features that would fortify the future of this sector:

  • Increasing customer base
  • Huge customer reach
  • Rising middle class
  • Low cost of production
  • Technological innovations
  • Transformations in lifestyle

One of the booming segments of entertainment sector, it has already become widely sought after career in modern day world and why not. With increasing demand for mobile, computer and video games, the demand for efficient and competent individuals are growing at a fast pace. You can certainly build a steadfast career here. It all started with those classic video games in 2D and now the world has seen the phenomenal development of 3D platform and more cutting-edge technologies are to appear soon.

India can be the next hub

India, in specific, already has world-class and excellent game developers who act as pillars in accentuating the rapid growth of this sector.

It’s been often conjectured by the analysts and research firm that India would be the next big destination for the global gaming industry keeping in view the above factors. This land with growing young population is emerging as a key one-stop for fame development, besides China.

Hence, gaming sector is a lucrative one and a dynamic, vibrant and happening area for the youngsters who are exceptional in programming and coding skills along with a zest for creativity and games.